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"It stands as by itself as one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity, not only in the 20th century but in the history of humankind"
Expert evaluation report to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, 2007

In 2012 I staged an art exhibition titled Sydney Opera in the M16 Artspace Gallery in Canberra, Australia. The exhibition combined a suite of new modular paintings in the manner I had been developing over years. These utilise multiple panels containing particular content so can I combine and recombine them into perhaps larger motifs and uncover new and interesting assemblages I progressively aim to re-develop into innovative narrative images. The exhibition also included a multi-media installation featuring large and multi-layered screen projections portraying photographic and digital variations of the Sydney Opera House I had taken on a research trip. The projection installation was supported by self-recorded site sounds and later edited with commissioned soprano vocals to complete this evocative stage model for my imagined opera.
Like most I am moved by the awe-inspiring Sydney Opera House, the masterpiece of architecture, engineering and design dreamed up by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Who isn't inspired by this sublime icon cast upon its dramatic natural setting at Bennelong Point on Sydney Harbour?\

After the Opera Sydney exhibition, I began writing notes for all the individual artworks which gradually evolved into essays which later became the groundwork for drafts and sketches for librettos. I was beginning to see the A Sydney Opera as a multi-layered platform for the expression of my idea sparked from a dream in which I saw the Sydney opera House as the lead character in an actual opera set on the stage of Sydney Harbour.

By the time I'd written the visual and narrative essays that would become librettos for an operaI was ready to publish a book featuring expansive images of painting artworks and essays. This book project is currently paused and ready to go as Blurb desktop self-published book project although I would consider any publishing offers.

In recent times giant harbour side light-projections of computer generated art-works are shone onto the smooth, sail-like and miraculous surfaces of the Sydney Opera House. These projected light art-works reflect a huge physical scale and create a visceral choreography of contemporary art and imagery that would surely take Utzon's breath away.